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That’s right, Thank God It’s MONDAY! Here at New You Weight Loss Program, we believe that Monday signifies new beginnings, not the start to another dreadful work week. Was last week a bad one for you? Monday starts a new week. Did you fall off of your diet this weekend? Monday is the perfect day to restart your diet. Whatever your struggle, take advantage of opportunities for new beginnings and start fresh.

If you’re in need of a new start, give our weight loss a program a try! We pride ourselves in being the most successful weight loss program in Petersburg, VA, with patients who have lost 40+ pounds through our programs. No matter your weight loss needs, we work with you to set goals and knock them out the park! You’ll be working with some of the best weight loss specialist in Colonial Heights, VA area, who advise you on detoxification plans, meal planning, and even guide you on which workouts will help you achieve the body you want. It only takes one visit per week. ONE VISIT! We offer flexible hours that begin before you have to be in the office, and end after your workday is done–this is truly a program that caters to the needs of our members in every way. Your search for weight loss doctors in Petersburg, VA stops with us!

New week, New You! Don’t let another Monday pass by without making a change that your body will thank you for. You have 3 choices: Give Up, Give In, or Give It Your All…which will you do? Join New You Weight Loss Program today!


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