Prevent the Monday Blues!


Have you ever wondered why the weekend seems to fly by and suddenly, you’re at home on a Sunday night dreading work the next morning? Well, studies have shown that the reason why we dread Mondays is because we spend all day Sunday doing chores that prepare us for the week ahead as opposed to treating Sunday as, well…the weekend. Almost every Sunday, we’re doing laundry, picking out clothes for the week, helping our children get their schoolwork and school clothes together, and responding to any weekend emails we may have gotten while away from our job. We really have almost no time to relax, which is exactly what we should be doing before starting another long week. In order to prevent the Monday blues, let’s start changing our habits! Find other things to do as opposed to spending the day “handling business” at home.

Instead of coming home from church, cooking dinner, doing laundry and all of the other chores, try ordering food for the family and escaping to do something you enjoy. Fun activities aren’t just for Saturdays! Find a salon that is opened on Sundays, and treat yourself to a mani-pedi. Go on a date with your husband, take your children to go see a movie, or even do some shopping before the stores close. Even better, stop by a spa and get a massage or a facial, and just relax as you pamper yourself.  Don’t look at Sunday as “the day before Monday.” Start thinking of Sunday as “the last day of the weekend,” and go out with a bang!

I do understand, though, that laundry needs to be done, emails need to be responded to, the house needs cleaning. And if you’re on the weight loss program in Petersburg, VA, you probably need to do grocery shopping for healthy food items for the week, per your weight loss specialist in Petersburg, VA. Try getting it done on Saturday, when you would normally be out getting mani-pedis, going to the movies and shopping. That way, you have the rest of the weekend ahead of you once that gets done! When all of your ducks are in a row on Saturday, you can play on Sunday and just sleep through until Monday!

The key here is to minimize stress, which, as we’ve discussed, prevents excessive weight gain. No more dreadful Monday! Sunday is the day of rest, so you owe it to yourself to do just that!


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