Kiwi Fruit and Strawberry Christmas Tree!

The holiday season has officially begun, as has the countdown to Christmas! As we get in the holiday spirit, we’re also making sure we have plenty of healthy options that’ll help keep you on track with your weight loss goals as you celebrate. New You Weight Loss Program in Petersburg, VA, has gained inspiration from blogger Desire Empire‘s fun and healthy recipe! This kiwi fruit and strawberry Christmas Tree is sure to please both you and your family.

christmas tree recipe
Photo via Desire Empire


Kiwi Fruit and Strawberry Christmas Tree Platter  
18 small Kiwi Fruit (2 boxes from Aldi)
1 punnet of strawberries
Peel and slice kiwi fruit into discs, reserving some skin for the tree trunk.
Arrange kiwi fruit in the shape of a Christmas Tree on a platter. Making sure to leave no gaps in your tree by layering the fruit where necessary.
Place kiwi skin as shown, to form the tree trunk.
Cut the ‘pointy’ end of strawberries to form mini decorations for the tree.
Use the leafy top of a strawberry to make the crowning star for the tree.
If you want to add a little more holiday flare, add cranberries to the mix!
Boiler plate

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